and intensive

Our FloorZilla cleaning pads are used in standard floor cleaning equipment, such as scrubber dryers, single disc and orbital machines. Their unique technical properties clearly set them apart from traditional products. Their special coating with millions of tiny silicon carbide or diamond granules ensures that floors are intensively cleaned and guarantee an extremely long service life. For monstrous efficiency.  

85% longer service life
50% less water
0% detergents

Versatile and eco-friendly

Different types of FloorZilla products are available, with varying properties tailored to the specific flooring and purpose. Thanks to the properties of FloorZilla, floors can be cleaned without adding any chemicals and using considerably less water. Wasteful, repeated processes and cleaning intervals are significantly reduced.

Our products are carbon-neutral and meet the requirements of ConClimate.de

Suitable for every floor

As an all-round talent for professional cleaning, FloorZilla can be used for all standard floor coverings. Depending on the application, a range of different products with varying intensities is available – from gentle to extremely powerful.   

stone floors, natural stone, terrazzo, marble




Hybrid cleaning pads

FloorZilla hybrid cleaning pads for the day-to-day cleaning of our floors. The right pad for routine and intensive cleaning – from gentle hybrid green to powerful hybrid black for the most stubborn stains.

Diamant cleaning pads

FloorZilla diamond cleaning pads for the routine and deep cleaning of heavily soiled floors. For restoring the sparkle to your floors – from diamond green to powerful diamond black for dull, heavily worn floors.



The FloorZilla
starter kit

Try the monstrous efficiency of FloorZilla. Test the innovative technology using our cleaning pads. Suitable for all standard floor coverings and floor cleaning equipment. Contact us. We will be happy to provide advice on the right products for you.

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The most efficient way to clean floors. Find out more now!
To establish an innovative and sustainable solution for the professional cleaning market: it is this vision that drives the development of FloorZilla cleaning pads. This takes place entirely within the German research landscape, at ecoCOAT GmbH from Munich.


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