For day-to-day and
intensive floor cleaning

FloorZilla cleaning pads with VreactiV technology combine several premium properties in a single product. They are clearly different from traditional diamond, melamine and foam pads and deliver concentrated cleaning power to almost any floor covering.

Brief information

FloorZilla hybrid pad overview

Our FloorZilla hybrid cleaning pad is designed for powerful cleaning that is gentle on floors. This combination is the result of VreactiV technology and its use of cleaning granules that can move in any direction. Depending on where it is used, there are four different intensities: from gentle FloorZilla hybrid green for delicate floors, to powerful FloorZilla hybrid black for the heaviest soiling.

Savings potential

Longer service life85%
Less water use50%
Less electricity17%
No detergents100%
Less CO2 emissions33%

For resilient flooring


Maintenance cleaning

Use FloorZilla hybrid green with a scrubber dryer and minimise water consumption.

Basic cleaning

Use FloorZilla hybrid red with an orbital or single disc machine and an ordinary available deep cleaner to remove the previous coating. Use as little water and detergent as possible.


For hard flooring


Maintenance cleaning

Use FloorZilla hybrid yellow with a scrubber dryer and minimise water consumption.

Intensive cleaning

Use FloorZilla hybrid black with an orbital and single disc machine or scrubber dryer and minimise water consumption.


Download hybrid product specification sheet

Here is an overview of the FloorZilla hybrid product portfolio for you to download as a product specification sheet.

Different pads with varying cleaning performance

Four different cleaning pads for coordinated intensities. The right pad for all routine and intensive cleaning: from gentle FloorZilla hybrid green to powerful FloorZilla hybrid black for the most stubborn stains. FloorZilla cleaning pads do not damage the surface, but maintain its condition for longer.
To establish an innovative and sustainable solution for the professional cleaning market: it is this vision that drives the development of FloorZilla cleaning pads. This takes place entirely within the German research landscape, at ecoCOAT GmbH from Munich.


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